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   My first artistic passion was for hairdressing. I spent many years working with an international hairdressing company as an educator and art director. With all of the photo shoots we did with the art team, I started doing photography to take pictures of hairstyles. It then evolved into fashion photography as I do the hair, makeup and wardrobe for all my shoots. With this I am able to have total control in creating the vision. I have also done similar things for record labels.

   As a hairstylist I have done hair for hundreds of brides over the years. When I started doing photography, it was a natural progression to shoot the weddings. I now do many weddings in which I do the bride's hair and make-up as well as shooting their special day.

   My work includes shooting anything from people to food and landscapes. I have such a passion for capturing the perfect image in anything I'm shooting.

   Lately I have been putting a lot more focus into skydiving photography. It has taken me far with countless published work and multiple magazine covers.

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